Saturday, May 24, 2008

Garden 2008: Harvest and Wait

I decided that today is the day for harvesting my first cutting of Swiss chard. Supposedly, it is possible to continually harvest chard throughout the summer, even here in Texas. It is supposed to have a flavor and use similar to spinach. I had a taste of one of the stalks after I took the picture below, and it really does taste a bit like spinach. You can almost see my latest harvest of grape tomatoes sitting in the spoon rest to the upper right of the bowl. I picked about 7 today.

Here is where the wait comes in. The potatoes have mostly grown over the top of the containers, with the Purple Peruvian being the slowest of the group. I have get another bag of soil to "top them off" and then continue watering. We'll see what happens in September when it is time to harvest them!