Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sitting in the Library...Unmotivated.

Okay, so if anyone from work reads this, no, I really did not do this post while sitting in an empty school library at 2:30pm. Everyone else, yep, I did it. I guess I shouldn't complain about having absolutely no students in the library right now. I did state yesterday at our in-service that the teachers needed to remember that the library was not a place to send students because they were bored, but that the students must have a purpose. Hence, one student sent to the library during class time. I have had a total of 75 visitors, though, it was just during the two lunches and before school.

I've been contemplating things today (since I am alone, I can do that!). I'm working on the plans for my diet (that's food regime for anyone in the know), but I'm still having a difficult time being completely motivated by it. I am one of those people who really cannot think of eating just a salad for lunch or dinner when it is 30 degrees outside. I have to cook. Luckily, doing the Sonoma, I get to cook alot. So, the big thing is... what am I going to buy at the Farmer's Market today? It's winter! There is not really anything in season right now. I think I should have brought the cookbooks with me so that I can figure this stuff out. How to eat seasonally on a Mediterranean style food regime= not so easy... or is it? I have until 4 to decide!

Back to the boredom for a moment--- it's not like I have nothing to do, I just don't think I should do it right now. I sent out an email today to the teachers explaining why I was needing to close the library for inventorying. One of the teachers questioned me as to why I couldn't just keep it open and stop what I was doing to help, if it was needed. The only way I could explain it to him was to say that it would be like building a set of kitchen cabinets, using the saw, getting halfway through the cut and someone asking you to stop and help them rake leaves for 5 minutes. It just doesn't work, especially when you do not have a clerk. I do have a bit of lamination I could do... oh well. I may just heat up the ol' laminator and get to work. Unmotivated...

Shopping list?
Flip through Glamor to see if it is appropriate yet?
Read that book everyone is always saying I should be so happy to have time to read since now that is all I do all day?
Work on my writing (not the same as blogging in my book!)?

Nope, none of those appeal. Unmotivated.