Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Garden 2009: The Beginning...

Since my seeds came in back in January, I've been eagerly awaiting time to start them. Unfortunately, I haven't been so eager to actually start them early! I saw a very interesting way of starting seeds, in eggshells, on a website, so I thought I'd try it!

First, you start with the crates and the shells:
Next, you get out your seeds. Today I'm doing all of my tomato seeds, squash, artichoke, and red bell peppers.

Then you put in the soil and seeds in the shells, labeling on the flap what you've put in it.

That's all there is to it. Here is a detailed list of what I started today:
Tomatoes: Austin's Red Pear, Beam's Yellow Pear, Cherokee Purple (a repeat from last year!), Green Zebra (another repeat), Italian Heirloom, Martino's Roma, Green Tomatillo
Others: Green Globe Artichoke, Bull Nose Bell Pepper, Summer Crookneck Squash
More to start this week!