Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earth Hour this Saturday

Don't forget- this Saturday is Earth Hour. I will be turning everything off from 8:30-9:30pm CST, so don't try to call me. I won't answer!

Official Earth Hour Poster- © Shepard Fairey

More information can be found at:

The Angry Clouds...

It definitely looks like a big storm is brewing. These pictures were taken from the windows of my library.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Best of the Fest: Shades of Ray

Shades of Ray, a film directed by Jaffar Mahmood, was featured Saturday night at The Modern for the Best of the Fest Series put on by the Lone Star Film Society. Luckily, I was volunteering for the Society and had the chance to finally see this film that I had heard such terrific things about in November while I was driving around people in a car that cost more than my house!

I was impressed with the writing, direction, and acting from this nice little romantic comedy. What made the viewing even more enjoyable was the Q & A afterwards with the director, Jaffar Mahmood, and one of the stars, Brian George(a wonderfully brilliant character actor- you know, "That Guy" kind of person). The great thing is that, even if you don't get the chance to see it in a theatre, you will have the opportunity to watch it on Amazon Video on Demand. Check out the links for everything discussed here!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blogging in the Library- again...

I love the rain. Today it is raining very nicely outside. I think that rain is the most wonderful thing in the world, next to the sun, the earth.... and clothes... and food. Okay, so maybe I would put it on a long list of things I love. The only bad thing about rain is that sometimes it can be dreary, which I actually think could be a good thing. Today... not so much. My library has an entire wall of 20 ft. windows on the north side of the room. My productivity level has been very low because I'm soaking in the rain (not literally, or I'd be wet!).

Since I am in the library, I decided I could finally do one of those things that everyone thinks is so great about sitting in a library: read! My book of choice today is New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. It is the second installment in the Twilight series.

There are definitely things about this book that would make many a feminist say, "Whoa, we can't have a girl say that! She's devoting her entire being to this...guy...vampire...thing." It would be true, too. But it is also fantasy, and many could really use a good dose of that every now and then, especially today... while it rains outside.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Green Texan travels to...New York City!

So, I'm going to New York City during Spring Break with Mom, and Chef Heather, and the thing that has been on my mind the most is probably the silliest thing to worry about. You see, we are going to eat at Babbo, Mario Batali's restaurant. We plan on doing the traditional tasting menu, which includes the following course description: "Pappardelle with Hedghogs and Thyme"

Hedghogs...ok. Is it this-

But I'm really hoping it is this-

According to Chef Heather, who should really know, it will be the mushroom version of hedghog. She has mistakenly thought, though, that we had a bet on this and that it will be solved in the restaurant. I do not make bets when it comes to food, so I finally found proof:

Hedgehog Proof- animal or fungi!!!

Now, honestly, I have to say that I really never believed that Batali would chop up a cute little hedgehog and try to legally feed it to people in New York. I have watched Anthony Bourdain, though, and I wouldn't put it past him.