Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chilly Weather...Chili Weather?

The weather here in Texas is getting quite chilly lately. It is late October, so for the rest of the world, temperatures in the 40s and 50s are not unusual. They kind of are here in Texas, though! Thursday night, while trying to avoid the crazy up down run score of the Rangers World Series game (which they lost, then lost the Series on Friday...), Mom and I decided that it was time for the first fire of the season. To the left is that fire (very bad cell phone photo, but still looks cozy!).
I am going to admit something that someone who has had a fireplace for 10 years should never admit: every year my first fire totally smokes up my house. I usually smell like I've been barbecued when it is all over with. Thursday was no exception! One log was just a little too large, so the fireplace did not get hot enough and the smoke began billowing out. Oh well. It was still nice and warm, even if we couldn't breathe!
Today, while avoiding a trip back home after having lunch with my cousin and his family, Mom and I decided to stop off at the farmers market (not really one that has local products, but it's not too bad). I looked over towards the bell peppers and had an epiphany: tomatillos= Green Chili! It was the only item for the wonderful New Mexican Green Chili recipe sent by step-mom Sharon that I didn't have. I purchased 16 of them (sounds like a lot, but they are tiny little suckers) and will be making a big pot in a few hours. I will even be using up some pork loin that I cooked last year and stuck in the freezer (I hope it's still good!?!). If it works out, I'll post pictures and recipe tomorrow!