Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Too Much Unfinished Work...But That Will Change

Last week was Spring Break for my school district. It was not a time for doddling for me, though. Unlike my ginger kitty, Ginji, I didn't laze around all day napping. I was super busy! My yard received some much needed attention, with new plants planted and the greenhouse getting emptied. The house...well, it's a constant work in progress. I did get rest, but the time change has severely thrown my sleeping patterns for a loop- it's amazing how moving up just one little hour can do that!

Happily, this week will end with The Wildcatter Exchange Festival. Quite a bit of hard work, sweat and tears (literal on all accounts) has gone in to making this festival a success. Joe Lansdale, the author of the Hap and Leonard novels, will be there. My Writers Critique Group with Fort Worth Writer's Boot Camp contributed to the companion book on Fort Worth's Giants of Jazz. I was also the editor, so this book means so much to me. If you're from Fort Worth, like jazz, or like me, you should buy a copy.

I noticed just before I started writing this entry that I had about 6 unfinished potential blog posts waiting in my Blog folder. I don't know the extent of the completed-ness of any of these, but I can guess that there isn't much to them. I'll check, though...may be something great I need to share!

As for how my writing is going, I can say this- I am feeling more and more like someone who can start writing again. I'm getting excited about the prospect of starting my little publishing company. I'm going to be able to make that dream of mine happen. I don't have huge, "Get Published by Random House" dreams. Just maybe get one of my books, or one of those I published, recognized by the Texas Institute of Letters. Well, that would be a big deal!