Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Summer Vacation, Or Why I Haven't Been Writing on Here!

Tippy the Kitten (Full name: Tippycanoe),
enjoying a nap
I’ve been absent from the blog for quite a while. This was not my intention at all, just what happened. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say, I was just too busy living life, reading, doing household things (like painting all of my lawn furniture, digging a new flowerbed, and keeping up after two new kittens set to destroy my home), WRITING, doing some freelance work, and editing on the Panther City Review. I’ve also been learning French. Not well enough to speak to anyone who actually knows French, but I hope to get there someday. After all, the Eiffel Tower wasn’t built in a day!

One important thing that I decided I would not do is to allow myself to be disappointed because I didn’t get any particular item on the “To Do” list complete before school starts. I know myself and I know that I will finish things. I don’t need to put that kind of disappointed pressure on me because I know that will put me in procrastination mode. The longer I don’t get something done and put it off, the longer I will continue to put it off and feel badly about putting it off. Nope. No longer. I think the major shift in my perspective is that I realized I not only need to get things done, but also enjoy life. If I’m constantly working or worrying about working, I’m not going to relax and experience life.

So, I still have my “To Do” list. I’m currently on vacation, visiting my dad and stepmom in Colorado, and I’m relaxing, working while everyone is at work, but enjoying time with family when we’re all together. Absolutely nothing wrong with that!

PS- I did go to my high school reunion. It was fun! It took me a while to remember who half the people were- we all got older! I’m glad I went, though.