Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Where the Cool Kids Live...

I don’t live in the “cool” part of town. In the past I constantly lost out on bids for houses in the Historic District. Finally, I decided that my little starter home, the house I purchased at 26 years old, would be my forever home. It’s old, just not considered historic by those who make that distinction. It has a rock façade, a tall, sloping roof, and one of the most beautiful, in my opinion, stone fireplaces in Fort Worth. It just happens to be about 20 yards into Haltom City. I love my little house, so I wasn’t too upset when houses with not nearly as much charm ended up not being mine.

Before my neighborhood became part of the town of Haltom City, it was its own entity, Oak Knoll Village. I recently decided it was high time that Oak Knoll got the name recognition it deserved. I started a website and Facebook page about it. There is so much history just waiting to be found out about this little neighborhood. At just 3 miles away, it’s actually the closest Haltom City neighborhood to downtown Fort Worth, so, in a way, it’s the most likely to boom with the buildup of the near Eastside, Riverside and Oakhurst area. It may finally have its day in the sun. 

Would I ever leave Oak Knoll if I had the chance? Yes, more than likely. The truth is, though, I am so used to living there, and the prices of the homes are going up, that it seems like it would be silly to leave now. Plus, my house is cute! I have room to grow by going up into the attic to add a second floor.

I truly believe that I can be the harbinger of cool in the neighborhood. I’m a writer and a publisher, after all. If someone asks me where I live, I tell them. It’s fairly centrally located. It’s cheap right now. Ground floor opportunity. The houses are all old, cottage-like structures for the most part and can, with a bit of TLC, be made to shine. We have great ethnically diverse foods (without driving further than two miles, you can have barbeque, Vietnamese, Mexican, Home Cooking, Italian, burgers, gourmet ice cream, and fancy tacos). So, come out and hang with me in Oak Knoll Village, the next great place to live!