Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spring Means Girls in Glasses

I’ve been looking rather studious lately, donning my glasses most days. It’s not that I’ve become anti-contact lens. I love wearing my contacts. It’s that spring has sprung, which means that my eyes have been incredibly itchy and puffy due to all the pollen floating about. It’s covering everything. The car. The patio umbrella. Even my black cat had a sheen of green on his coat for the few hours he was outside with me yesterday.

I love my trees and I know that pollen is useful. It just seems worse this year. I’m sure it’s not. That’s just what we always say when we are experiencing something pretty distressing. Sneezing, hacking up junk from down deep in the lungs, attempting to breathe normally—all things that I will not miss when the trees finally leaf out.

The best thing about the pollen coverage is that it also means that it is Spring, which is tied with my other favorite season, Autumn. I wonder what it means that my two favorite seasons start with growth and end in dormancy? I look forward to seeing all those plants that decide to come back each year and experience the joy of those that never died off due to our mild winter. 

Spring in Texas also means crazy weather, so I am not looking forward to the temperatures dipping and rising extremely, or the thunderstorms threatening to drop tornado clouds. When my trees start swaying, I start thinking about how fast I can make it to my bathroom with my dog and cats! The best thing about all that wind and rain—it clears away all the pollen!