2008 to 2021

High School Librarian- Green B. Trimble Technical High School (2014-2021)
·       Acted as a school-based Technology Liaison, assisting teachers by assigning technology for use in their classrooms, provide assistance in troubleshooting common technology issues, and training (2014-2021).
o    Provided continuous technology support for 1800 student laptops, student Chromebooks, and hotspots (2018-2021).
o    Assisted in the training and use of student issued computers (1:1), by working with teachers on the most recent online tools for presentations, and digital content management (2016-2021)
·         Facilitated school-based Battle of the Books competitions (2017-2019).
o    Organized 5 teacher-lead teams of 7 students each for 3 school-based Tournaments to determine the top 2 teams who would compete on the District level.
o    Developed a strategy for each tournament, which had two “Battles,” earning points for the teams that would tally up to the top two.
o    Read all 6 books for the school year, developing questions for each school-based “Battle.”
o    Negotiated price for t-shirts and luncheons for each tournament.
·         Continued previously instituted “Trimble Tech Millionaires’ Club” (from 2014-2017) where students would use the reading incentive program Accelerated Reader, an online program through Renaissance Place.
o    Maintained class registrations and would troubleshoot reports issues in Renaissance Place for over 120 teachers and 1800 students.
o    Held luncheon celebrations every for students who have reached “Millionaire” status and a large End of Year luncheon celebration with prizes for over 60 students who read over 1,000,000 words, which included purchasing t-shirts and prizes as well as negotiating meal prices.
·         Maintained a balanced library collection by withdrawing no longer relevant titles and keeping the rest of the collection up-to-date.
·         Added over 4,000 electronic books to the library catalog, making more books accessible to students through the 1:1 integration.
·         Regularly provided database and research training for classes.
·         Committees Served:
o    Texas Media Awards/Texas Youth Creators Awards (Chair 2015-2017, Vice-Chair 2013-2014)

High School Librarian- Paul Laurence Dunbar High School (2008-2104)
§  Worked to improve Librarian/Teacher collaboration through library classes.
o    Assisting in the rollout of the 1:1 FWISD Pilot of Android Netbooks by working with the two pilot Core Content teachers to integrate online technologies and library eBooks into their classroom assignments.
§  (2009-14) Maintained school website
§  Worked to improve circulation rates and walk-in visitors to the library by creating an inviting atmosphere
o    2014- Created the Wildcats Read! Reading initiative to get students actively reading on campus. In process.
§  Organized and maintained a library book club, reading fiction and graphic novels (2009-10= Dollar General Literacy Grant to supply students with books; 2010-11= First Book Grants, providing 12 titles for each of the 25 students involved in book club; 2011-12= First Book Grants, providing 12 titles for 36 students; 2012-13= First Book Grants, providing 15 titles for 29 students,  2013-14= First Book Grants, providing 14 titles for 28 students )
§  Created a balanced collection development plan.
§  Initiated Interlibrary Loan with other schools within the district to provide needed books not contained within the schools’ collection.
§  Maintained a clean and orderly environment conducive to library work.
§  Full operation of library maintained without assistance of a paraprofessional.
§  Extracurricular Activities: Faculty Advisor for Dunbar Book Club (2008-14); Faculty Advisor for the Dunbar Chapter of Key Club International (2009-13); UIL Spelling & Vocabulary Coach (2009-11);  Faculty Advisor/Instructor for Dunbar A/V Club (2010-13)
§  Committees Served-
o    State: TLA Texas Media Awards Committee (Installed in April 2011), Vice-Chair (Installed April 2014)
o    Campus: Campus Coordinating Committee (2009-10, 2011); School and Community Involvement Committee (2010-11); District Employee Relations Council (2010-14),  Site-Based Decision Making Team (2011-12), UEA Building Contact (2013-14) 

·         FWISD Educational Technology Conference, 2016 & 2017- “Library eBooks: OverDrive, Destiny Discover, and Gale Resources.”
·         FWISD Educational Technology Conference, 2015- “Everything You Didn’t Know You Could Find In the Library: eBooks, Databases, and More.”
·         FWISD Educational Technology Conference, 2011 & 2012- “You’ll Flip by How Easy it is to Make Movies: Using Flip Video Cameras, Windows Movie Maker, and Audacity to Create Outstanding Student Presentations”

Conferences Attended:
·         Texas Library Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, 2017
·         Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Houston, 2016
·         Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Austin, 2015
·         Texas Library Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, 2014
·         Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Fort Worth, 2013
·         Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Houston, 2012
·         Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Austin, 2011
·         Texas Library Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, 2010
·         Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Houston, 2009

For Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Library:
First Book National Bookbank Random House Grant, 2010-14- Provides copies of 12 to 15 titles for each student participating in book club for their personal libraries
Dollar General Literacy Grant, 2009-10- Supported book purchasing for each student to have a copy to keep for their personal libraries.

Member, Texas Library Association, 2008- Present
Member, American Library Association, 2009-Present

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