Sunday, February 17, 2008

Missing for a while!

I think I may be MIA for a few weeks. I am currently working on my MLIS and taking 9 hours is about the least intelligent thing I have done in a while. It will keep me busy, that is for sure. I hope to be able to plant my garden during spring break, so I will post pictures of it once I do. So long until then (unless something really good comes up).

Until then, somehow, my little city of Fort Worth has been ranked 15th Greenest City in the nation: I have no clue how that could have happened, unless they are counting Sundance Square Management signing Green Mountain Energy as it's provider (the largest business area in the nation to do so). I may have to check out Popular Science to see what the true criteria was for that and if they had any explanations as to how it is exactly "Green." That is, when I have time... whenever that may be.