Thursday, April 10, 2008

Potatoes in a container

I ordered seed potatoes from Seed Savers Exchange and received them on March 22nd.

Irony much?

They arrived in these cute little linen bags. I have fancy potatoes in more ways than one.

I was not ready to plant them right a way, which was lucky, because I had to let them sit for a few weeks so that they may develop eyes. (from Left to Right: Purple Peruvian fingerling, German Butterball, and Austrian Crescent fingerling)

That's me drilling holes in one of the plastic crates. I saw a post on Crunchy Chicken about container gardening and decided to copy her, mostly because I was afraid if I planted potatoes in my driveway, I would forget where I planted them when it was time to harvest.

Purple Peruvians going in the soil (Thanks to Elizabeth and Heather for the two huge plastic crates!!!)
German Butterballs. If they are that big when they come out, I'm going to have a lot of potatoes.

Henry and Ruby are wishing they had those crates on their side of the fence. Ruby would really like to dig around and I'm sure Henry would eat all the seed potatoes.

Once everything gets growing, there will be more pictures!