Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Library, San Antonio, and HEAT...

Okay, so maybe I won't have time to update my blog every few days...but at least I have an excuse!

The week after school got out, a group of boys decided that it would be a great idea to break into the school and break a bunch of windows. They made it to the library and found plenty more to damage than just windows...

This first picture is one of the 16 ft. window panels knocked out. They broke three of these, mostly by throwing the wonderful 1960s era wooden library chairs out the windows (they found about 10 chairs in the courtyard).

They then took the 10 freestanding bookshelves and decided to see if they would fall like dominoes if they pushed one set over from one end. They would and all the books came out as they did it.

The biographies made it to the floor as well by kicking them through from one end to the other side.

Luckily, the wonderful people at Library Media came to box up books with me that Wednesday. Even the Director of Library Services was there boxing up. It took 5 of us all day to box up about 6,000 books.

The reason for the boxing up is that all of the bigwigs from the Administration building came and saw not only the damage, but also the fact that the carpet was hideous! New carpet was laid last week!

I then left that Saturday for my mini-vacation to San Antonio. It was much needed after a week of working in the library! Ahhh...lovely flowers (this is a perennial hibiscus).
That Sunday we went to Boerne (pronounced like "Bernie") and did a bit of shopping. This is their gorgeous library...I wonder if they need a teen librarian?

After briefly shopping (bought 3 hankies and a set of 4 cloth cocktail napkins), we drove off towards New Braunfuls to visit Dry Comal Creek Vineyards.
Ahhh, the barrels...
Ahh, the grapes...
Ahhh, the vineyard...
We also went to Shiner to visit the Spoetzl Brewery, where we went on a tour, saw bottling, and did a bit of sampling, but I did not take pictures!!! Too much drink and not enough click.
We got back on Tuesday afternoon and, since then, it has been hot...damn hot (1oo+). So hot, dogs and cats have begun sleeping together...
Drying racks are out (I bought another one of these at IKEA on our way back home!). The clothes are drying on the rack before the next load is done. It's that hot.

The tomatoes are doing well, though. This is one of my Cherokee Purples
Obviously, this is a Green Zebra...
A real Italian Heirloom...

A fake Italian Heirloom (looks more like a Roma to me, but is on the IH side!)

The big bed with Sunflowers and inverted tomato cages. I am working on doing bamboo teepee stakes, but it just isn't happening very fast. I only have 35 plants to stake up, so I don't know what my problem is...
The little bed with Austin Red Pear, Tomatillos, and onions

The white onions are finally growing larger than green onion size!

Meyer lemons are healthy.

The dwarf fig is growing, but no figs yet!

And finally...the blueberry seems happy!
Well, that's it for now. Another post sometime this week may happen. I'm working on grad school stuff, but hopefully it will not keep me away from the fun stuff!

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