Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Save Money by Not Wasting Food (Waste Not, Want Not?)

I try my best, but even if I have a fully stocked pantry, I sometimes want to eat out. With the Thanksgiving holidays coming up (and my Mom's birthday!), I've worked very diligently to actually cook what I have at home, and use the leftovers for lunches when in a pinch. I'm loving the extra chicken curry and green chili that I pull out of the freezer when I need something fast and warm! Just cook some brown rice (Texmati, of course, going local!) and it's all ready to go for the next day.

I've been getting quite a few great ideas from The Chew, where I have found that my well stocked pantry is actually pretty well stocked! Tonight, I am going to make what looked on tv like a wonderful tomato and blue cheese soup from this recipe. I can't wait, and the best thing is, I already have everything in my kitchen to get this dish made.