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Creativity Mentoring with Rachel Pilcher

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What is Creativity Mentoring?
Creativity Mentoring is a discussion between a Mentor and a Creative to help the Creative move forward in their work.

A bit about me: Rachel Pilcher has worked with writers, artists, and small business owners to help them set goals to make their work a success.

The mentoring will consist of a 50-minute session, via Zoom, where the two of us will discuss your progress towards your creative goals, whatever they may be.

You may choose to do one session to get an occasional jolt of inspiration and direction, or sign up for a four-session package to deepen the process and accountability over the course of several months to years --they don’t expire!

Here are a few of the topics I have worked on with Creatives:
  • Setting clear, attainable goals, creating an action plan for accomplishing those goals.
  • Address challenges that come about in meeting your goals.
  •  Developing a realistic writing process.
  •  Adapt strategies to help overcome creativity blocks.
  • Find attainable time management solutions for non-full-time writers.
  • Launching a business.
  • Writing a book.
  • Preparing a book for publishing.
  • Creating a blog.
  • Creating a social media plan.
  • Creating a critique group
  • Developing and implementing a marketing plan for pre-published and published books.
  • Incorporating more creativity into everyday life.
The most important thing about Creativity Mentoring is that you have a specific focus before we start so that we get optimal use of our time together. These are strategizing sessions meant to take an idea that you already have to develop a realistic plan to make that idea a reality. 

One 50-minute Session is $100.
Package of Four Sessions is $350 (never expires!).

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