Friday, April 25, 2008

New Garden 2008 Pictures

The garden is well on it's way. The potatoes are now sprouting vines and I will need to add more soil soon.

Purple Peruvian fingerlings.
German Butterballs (seem to be doing the best right now!)
Austrian Crescent fingerling.

With all of the rain, the ground garden is really going wild, especially with weeds! I'll have to spend a few minutes between papers this weekend pulling them up.

The largest tomato plant so far: Yellow Pear!

The French green beans are starting to vine up the bamboo poles.

Those little weird plants were the Swiss Chard! I have a whole line of these down the side of the garage.

The Meyer lemon tree has many little green nobs on it now. Unfortunately, the storms Wednesday night knocked off all of the limes.

Ok, now Elizabeth, you must be happy to see the update! I also have a little ball of tomato on the Roma, but it is too hard to take the picture as it is in the middle of the plant. All of the tomatoes have blooms, so more pictures will come soon. Plus, tomorrow I plan on going to the farmer's market or the feed store to get some strawberry and watermelon plants. I need more fruit!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Potatoes in a container

I ordered seed potatoes from Seed Savers Exchange and received them on March 22nd.

Irony much?

They arrived in these cute little linen bags. I have fancy potatoes in more ways than one.

I was not ready to plant them right a way, which was lucky, because I had to let them sit for a few weeks so that they may develop eyes. (from Left to Right: Purple Peruvian fingerling, German Butterball, and Austrian Crescent fingerling)

That's me drilling holes in one of the plastic crates. I saw a post on Crunchy Chicken about container gardening and decided to copy her, mostly because I was afraid if I planted potatoes in my driveway, I would forget where I planted them when it was time to harvest.

Purple Peruvians going in the soil (Thanks to Elizabeth and Heather for the two huge plastic crates!!!)
German Butterballs. If they are that big when they come out, I'm going to have a lot of potatoes.

Henry and Ruby are wishing they had those crates on their side of the fence. Ruby would really like to dig around and I'm sure Henry would eat all the seed potatoes.

Once everything gets growing, there will be more pictures!

Terrible Storms Early This Morning

A terrible spring storm woke me (and the dogs and Gabbie) up at 3:00 am. I couldn't go back to sleep because I was just waiting for one of my lovely trees to fall over on my house. The electricity went out, only to come back on around 5am. I checked out the damage this morning and everything was fine in my yard. My poor new neighbors were not so lucky, though.

This was taken this afternoon. I feel badly for saying it, but I wish that oak had snapped just below the outdoor light instead of just above it so it would no longer shine in my bedroom at night!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Garden 2008 Update!

Udate on the garden!
Yellow Pear tomatoes are the most prolific so far.
Not far behind, though are the Grape tomatoes! Gabbie, in the background, is checking out the progress. She has always been a garden cat.
French Green Beans are coming right along.
This could be a weed... or it could be my Swiss Chard! If anyone reading knows, please email me! I have a bunch of these where the chard was planted, so I'm thinking that's what it is!
Ha! A very out of focus picture of one of my Meyer Lemon blossoms. You can see the messy lower patio very clearly, though.

I should be planting the potatoes in their containers this week, so another post is to come soon.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We Are Democrats: District 12 Senatorial Convention, March 29, 2008- Part 2

This was the view from our seats. We were here for a little over 13 hours due to about 87 precincts being challenged.

Mom survived, but her eyes were tired and red before all was said and done...

Our lovely, dedicated delegates from all the precincts in District 12 were finally (at 7:15 pm) given permission to vote on who would represent the precinct at the State Convention. It was unanimously decided that I would be the Delegate (because I am a teacher!?!) and my mom would be the alternate. We are both going to Austin June 5-7! I guess that means I'll miss the last day of school.

We then had to vote on resolutions, which took at least an hour. At Large Delegates had to be decided as well... so some people got a bit bored waiting and began to...

dance the Macarena. Democrats on very little sleep do strange things...

So, at 10:30 pm, after being at the Gaylord Texan since 9:00 am, we left. My last thought was...

Peace out (Is peace out? How about we make it the new black!).

We are Democrats: District 12 Senatorial Convention March 29, 2008- Part 1

The District 12 Senatorial Convention was held on March 29, 2008. Yes, I am late posting this because I had two papers due this last week!

I was a delegate from my precinct for Hillary Clinton!

This was what the line looked like to register and get credentials. Our precinct ended up having a challenge because the nimwit we elected as convention judge never took our paperwork to the Democratic Party offices!

We did finally get registered after arriving 3 hours earlier...
I was then credentialed!