Friday, April 25, 2008

New Garden 2008 Pictures

The garden is well on it's way. The potatoes are now sprouting vines and I will need to add more soil soon.

Purple Peruvian fingerlings.
German Butterballs (seem to be doing the best right now!)
Austrian Crescent fingerling.

With all of the rain, the ground garden is really going wild, especially with weeds! I'll have to spend a few minutes between papers this weekend pulling them up.

The largest tomato plant so far: Yellow Pear!

The French green beans are starting to vine up the bamboo poles.

Those little weird plants were the Swiss Chard! I have a whole line of these down the side of the garage.

The Meyer lemon tree has many little green nobs on it now. Unfortunately, the storms Wednesday night knocked off all of the limes.

Ok, now Elizabeth, you must be happy to see the update! I also have a little ball of tomato on the Roma, but it is too hard to take the picture as it is in the middle of the plant. All of the tomatoes have blooms, so more pictures will come soon. Plus, tomorrow I plan on going to the farmer's market or the feed store to get some strawberry and watermelon plants. I need more fruit!