Monday, December 26, 2011

The Recycler Has Struck Again!

I've been working at cleaning my house today. The funny thing is, I don't just throw stuff in the trash anymore, I recycle! I actually consolidated two Christmas wrapping crates to one, just by taking out all the old tissue paper (wrinkly old stuff, really) and putting it in an old paper gift bag for recycling. I'm bad about this consolidation thing, though. I will find things that can be recycled, but still have stuff in them, such as lotion bottles, and empty them, just so I can recycle the bottle. I also take this time to go through those bags and piles of papers, separate them, and recycle what I can, shred the rest.

Somebody stop me! Actually, don't. It's good for me to clean up and get rid of stuff cluttering my little house.