Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bringing a blog back from the dead...possible?

I've decided that, even though I haven't posted here in well over a year, I will be bringing this blog back from the dead. I miss writing here, so it's going to happen!

I'm still pretty "Green", but my newest challenge will be just writing about whatever I find interesting at the moment. Right now, I have developed an interest in vegetarian cooking, mostly due to my "manfriend" whom I've been entertaining with dinners. He's vegetarian, almost vegan...I am not. I eat meat, but not all the time. The challenge is, however, that I am not used to cooking vegetarian for other people. I'll eat random things that have no meat in them, but I'd never dream of serving them to other people. So...that is my new challenge: finding interesting foods that meet the eating habits of my manfriend.

So...I'll be around more. If you've followed this blog, then stopped and are now getting alerts: thank you!