Monday, January 21, 2013

Ikea, or, Where Your Credit Card Goes to Die!

Today my mom and I took a journey east to Ikea so that I could pretend that I was Swedish for a few hours. I had a list. I knew I'd be spending some money. I always try to make sure that whatever I'm getting there, it's something I really need to function better. Well, $245 later, I got everything I went there for, including a small area rug for the living room ($14!).

I hate overconsumerism and I especially hate it when I do it, but sometimes it is necessary to spend for organization. Case in point: I bought 5 picture frames (for about $75) for prints that I've needed to frame for almost 7 years for some of them. It needed to be done! I bought new recycle bins that fit under my bakers rack so that I don't have the two trashcans sitting in the way in the kitchen. I'll still use them when I remodel. My impulse buys equaled about $25, so everything else was planned.

I must work at paring down my stuff. This is one of my goals for the year. Actually, my resolution is to be happy, but I think organizing and getting rid of stuff I don't need will help me be happier. So far, it does give me that endorphine that most people get when they shop. Kind of weird, but that's me!