Monday, January 6, 2014

Being Unapologetically Me…

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
            ~Marilyn Monroe

It’s the New Year and many people have made resolutions… some of which they have already broken and feel extreme guilt over! I decided, after reading this article, that my one and only resolution is to be unapologetically me. I’m not perfect, but I am the perfect me.

This topic actually makes me laugh because it reminds me of my favorite line from the movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” where Mark Darcy stumbles over his words as he tells Bridget that he likes her, finds her perfect, even…just as she is. That is the ultimate compliment of being unapologetically yourself… when you are loved for your imperfect perfection.

I try to be a good person. I have my goals, but they stretch beyond a year to year thing. I already eat well and am in better shape than I have been in my entire life, and will continue with that lifestyle change. There is really only one thing that completely holds me back from being myself, and, maybe it really is just part of being me- I am still in the process of practicing the art of letting go. Being unable to let go puts me in an obsessive state where I am unable to function. I have to remind myself that if I face rejection, it isn’t actually rejection of me…it is the other person rejecting an idea in their own mind. There is nothing I can do about that. Things that anger me, in the long run, have nothing to do with me at all. My mantra, “Let go,” has helped me considerably over the last few months. I have no control of others, only myself, so “Let go.” I will be the Queen of Letting Go this year. If something angers me, “Let go.” If something makes me sad or depressed, “Let go.”

The good news is, I no longer feel like I have to constantly beat myself up over things I cannot control. That “Let go” mantra really does free me up to be me. No need to pull out the “New Year, New You” resolutions that are usually too stringent to continue more than a few weeks, and, if I have to be honest, the cliché is tired and smacks of degrading language insinuating that there was something wrong with the “old you” in the first place. I have to see the perfection that is me. I have to be happy and love myself, just as I am.

Now, on to the hunt for that Mark Darcy…