Saturday, January 18, 2014

Taking Huge, Scary Steps...On My Own

This post actually started out differently. I cut the first part out for another time and this is what was left:

Over the past few weeks I’ve been revisiting some of my old writing. I highly suggest anyone who creates to do this. It will open your eyes to how far you’ve come and how good you actually are at that art! I found some pretty great stuff in my writing, but it lead me to begin to question myself: I write, and write, and write, but what do I do with all that writing?

My firm belief is that, if you have a talent, and if you’re spending a good deal of your time on that talent, but you aren’t doing anything with it, you are wasting that talent. By spending all this time writing, but not actually doing anything with it, I am not only wasting my talent, I’m wasting my time. I decided last weekend that this habit of writing and doing nothing with it is going to change.

I have a hilariously funny short screenplay that I’ve decided I’m going to polish up and submit to a competition. I missed the early deadline, which means, for just $10 more, I have time to get it perfect. This is a short that almost everyone, except for one person, absolutely loved. I hope that they actually loved it because it was good and not just because they love me. The one and only person who did not like it was the one I had most desired feedback from. The feedback: “Yeah, I didn’t like it.” No explanation as to why, just that one sentence. No suggestions for improvement, no positives. Nothing else from someone I had, at one time, considered a mentor. At one time. It might just have not been the type of writing they would enjoy…not that I would know, as they didn’t say anything about it besides, “Yeah, I didn’t like it.” Yeah, not helpful…but it’s exactly the same non-feedback that I got from this person on another piece of writing I gave them. So, I finally have my mind in a good place to get beyond that dismissiveness and have decided to move forward with this screenplay. I may ask a few trusted people, whom I know will provide useful feedback (even if they absolutely HATE IT), to help me out with it before I submit, but I won’t do this without a rubric from now on!

The deadline is February 15th. I will have it ready well before then. Taking huge steps on my own. I’m nervous about it as I so rarely take chances, but…it is time. Wish me luck!