Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Project: Facebook Live for Fort Worth Writer's Boot Camp

Click the image to go to the Facebook page!
Sunday, April 22nd, I did a Facebook Live test on the Fort Worth Writer’sBoot Camp page. Even though I was incredibly nervous, it went well. This brief introduction to future Facebook Live events was mostly a test to see if anyone would tune in to listen to me talk. I had three people comment live, and about ten viewers while it was live. Since posting it on the page, however, I’ve had over 700 views and a reach of over 1,800. I’m guessing reach means that people have “seen” it, but haven’t watched it. I’m good with that!

Using Facebook Live is definitely a great marketing strategy for any business or author to get word out about their brand. I've noticed many of the pages that I follow, whether they are writers, tour guides, podcasters, or life coaches, getting views through Facebook Live, and in turn, a dedicated YouTube channel, is a great way to find viewers, gain followers, and increase sales. I will definitely be continuing my live videos, at least twice a month, over on the Fort Worth Writer's Boot Camp page. There are definite improvements to come with lighting (I overlighted because I didn't want it to be dark!), and sound, but with more practice, I'll be a pro in no time!

I’ve already planned the next event, set for Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 6pm CST. The topic for discussion will be “I Want to Write, but Where Do I Start?” I have this discussion with many new writers, but also will be offering tips for seasoned writers on things you can do to stimulate your writing. I hope you join me over on the Fort Worth Writer’s Boot Camp Facebookpage, or if you don’t Facebook, watch the replay on the YouTube channel. Feel free to post comments or questions on either site!

Here is the first episode, up on YouTube: