Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Inspiration In All the Right Places...

A Bit of Inspiration from My Garden...
As of this last Sunday, I’ve done two Facebook Live events on the Fort Worth Writer’s Boot Camp page. I know that my last post was about Facebook Live, so it may seem a bit excessive to post yet another time on this, but I have to day, this one is a bit different from the last.

I’m finding, after doing these two events, that my own creativity has been sparked. I’ve been more excited to work on my personal writing. Ideas have been popping up in my mind as to how to improve the online class that seems to be taking me forever to compete-- and developing ideas for other classes. I feel more assured that this is the right path in creating these courses, in doing the Facebook Live events, in taking my business to a completely online format and interacting directly with the public. This path is the one that will lead to the most success.

I don’t know if that means that I’ll be able to finally settle in and get down to my own writing, but until I finish my walk along this path, I can’t move forward on anything else. This is where my creative energy will be spent. I just have to hope that all the stories in my brain, as well as held within my ideas book, will still be there when the time comes to write them.

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