Monday, January 28, 2019

When in Doubt, Get to the Garden!

My Sunday seed haul. Calloways saw me coming.
I am almost always my most creative in writing when I have a secondary passion project going on. In most cases, that secondary passion is gardening and yard work. Getting my hands dirty in the soil, laying out the plant design, whether it be flowers or vegetables, gives me time to be at one with my thoughts. I don’t have to talk, look at a screen, or even really think of anything other than the seedling in front of me.

This year I got ambitious in my seed purchasing (photo above). I tend to container garden, using oblong galvanized water troughs purchased from my local feed store. While they may seem expensive, they last forever, are portable, and I don’t have to build anything. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need more than my current four troughs!

Even though it’s late January, I look forward to the crops and meals the seeds will produce throughout the spring, summer, fall, and here in Texas, into the winter. My hope is that it will spur many creative thoughts, as well.