Monday, February 4, 2019

When it's 78 in February, You Get Your Nails Dirty!

One of my planters. Winter killed nothing!

This time of year, especially when the typical Texas winter is happening, I end up doing a lot of gardening work. Sunday alone I spent four hours raking, digging, uncovering, transplanting, and seeding. I mean, it was in the 70s on February 3rd, so how could I not spend time outside? As I stated in my previous post, I get so much thinking done while getting dirt under my nails, I should really try to do it non-stop every week of the year!

In my soreness today (because I am almost always working muscles while gardening that seem to never get worked out through dance or yoga), I get to act on that thinking. I have at least three pieces of writing going as I write this blog post. Luckily, I’ve finally convinced myself that they best way to get writing done is to just apply the butt to the seat and write. Editing while I’m going or thinking about that most perfect sentence is not going to get it started or finished. 

While I would love to be able to just garden, write, and read, I know that I have a mission which must be fulfilled on my campus. Until the funds for writing match that of the day job, I will be at school most days during the school year.