Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Third Winter Strikes!

My car told me it was 22° F when I started it up this morning. It is obviously Third Winter around here. I’d think this was a strange anomaly for it to be this cold one week before Spring Break, but I had a Facebook reminder this morning that exactly four years ago we had about five inches of snow. No precipitation this morning, however there was a busted pipe near one of the oldest streets in the city on my way to work this morning. It made for a nice, slick fishtail turn when I made my way to school. Scared me terribly.

As one of my students said this morning, “It should be criminal for it to be this cold in America, especially Texas, and not snow.” He was right. There is nothing fun about freezing your buns off while waiting for the car to warm up. We are not completely used to the idea of “pre-warming” our cars here, so everyone ends up being late on days when either it’s very cold or there is ice on the windshield.

It is agreed this morning that we need Third Spring to come back ASAP. We may get our wish—It’s supposed to warm up to 72° F by Friday.

I seem to be writing about the weather quite a bit lately…