Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cooking with the Harvest

My dinner tonight- a personal pizza with my home grown grape and yellow pear tomatoes, carmelized onions and garlic (Texas grown), goat cheese, kalamata olives, salt, pepper, and olive oil on a locally baked pita. My mother will look at this and say: That's just too much goat cheese! I love goat cheese, so there can never be too much for me.

Yep, I think The Green Texan will turn into a food blog soon. It's hard to stop it from happening. I'm going to have to eat all that lovely food I'm growing at some point. I did cook the green beans the other night, but I have to say, they were not much of a success. I'm going to have to pick them earlier. They were just too big and tough. Oh, well. That is the fun in gardening. You learn about what works, what doesn't and exactly when you are supposed to pick things... like the Green Zebra. They need to be more golden in color, making the green stripes more prominent. Good thing I only picked one! I am definitely enjoying this locavore thing...