Friday, June 14, 2019

School's Out for Summer...Except for That Pesky Summer School Thing

Clark Gardens, just outside of Mineral Wells, TX
Summer is FINALLY HERE! Yes!

Well, I say that, but my school is one of the summer school locations and I accepted the summer school librarian position. So…I’ll be back at school next week! There are bonuses to this, though. I’ll be paid enough to take out some of my credit card debt, which, like most people, I absolutely hate having. The secret, hidden bonus is that I will be using the district A/C instead of my own, so I’ll actually be saving money!

My main work for summer school will be to check out and help students maintain working laptops. That particular job has kicked my butt in May, but with the expectation that this is my primary job, I think I’ll be fine.

Speaking of May and laptop and my butt being kicked...I spent probably too much energy last month on laptops and very little time on my personal creative endeavors. It took me six days to prep for a planned four days of collection--which turned into eight days of collection! I do not understand where the breakdown was in exactly when items needed to be returned, but I’m hoping it was just willful disobedience instead of a lack of common sense (which isn’t really that common!).

I truly intended to blog more last month. You can read my last entry and see that I was at least going to have an every Monday blog post. I'm hoping to pick that back up next week, as long as I have a few moments to get the words down. That's just how things go when multitasking is not an option!

I have so many plans for Rachel Pilcher Writing Workshops this summer and I am hoping to be able to accomplish them in some of the downtime I will have over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!