Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saving Electricity and Water

It takes quite a bit of work, and money sometimes, to save resources. Today I received my portable clothesline, delivered to my door by Mr. UPS Man. I ordered it Saturday, which means it pays to do the SuperSavers shipping through Amazon! Also, it means today was wash day! I don't want to run the electric dryer, not just because it wastes electricity on its own, but also because it heats the house up, making the a/c work harder, too.

I was very happy when I unpacked the clothesline and saw that it would fit perfectly into my umbrella stand. This is two loads of laundry on it so far (the towels are hidden inside).

Last Wednesday Mom and I traveled to Frisco (the long way) to Ikea trying to find one of those portable clotheslines, but this eagle design was what I ended up with instead. I've decided to use it to dry my night clothes and anything kind of short, since it can be hidden within the backyard. I do have a third clothes rack, my original wooden rack bought before they were cool to have, in the house drying my under things.

Now, I mentioned in the title "Saving Water." Well, this is why. I've had a slight clog in the drain of my washing machine for quite a while now. I had just been turning the washer on and off when it was draining, but I decided one day to just see if I could use some of that water going down the drain. I was so surprised when I realized exactly how much water I was sending down that drain. Turns out, a lot. I've started washing everything on low water, and it still fills up the trash can below, almost to the top.

Hmm... Ok, the pitcher hooked on the side is used to transfer the water from the can, into the mop bucket.

Then, the mop bucket is carried out to my rain barrels that I never got ready to collect rain (I tried, but I need a longer connector pipe... well, it really doesn't matter right now!).

I fill up the barrels.
Then, when it is needed, I use the water to water my non-edible plants.
They seem to like it.
Now, I kind of look at it this way. I paid for that water as soon as it left the pipe and went into my washing machine. Its my water, so I'm going to get a second use out of it. I use biodegradable soap and fabric softener, and it hasn't hurt the plants or the grass, so I guess I'm saving myself money, right? It's hard work and now I'm going to have a glass of wine to relax, except now I have to fold. Ugh. Never ending job, keeping up a house!